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Fienemann Torpedo GmbH is a certificated producer of pressure equipment according PED and located in Quickborn, near Hamburg.


Our company founded in 1906 is one of the most capable of its kind in Europe and leading in vaporizer engineering with its TORPEDO vaporizers.


TORPEDO presents a technically mature and well-proven vaporizer program for all rated capacities between 12 and
4.000 kg/h propane in a compact execution. The heating system depends on the local conditions. We offer mainly indirect electrical heated or water heated vaporizers. Even steam heated units are in our scope of supply.

The TORPEDO vaporizers are absolutely reliable in practical daily use due to their easy installation and their fully automatic vaporizer operation for gas supply by using propane, butane, ammonia, methanol and other liquefied gases. On demand we are delivering complete vaporizer stations installed in racks or containers. These are turn-key solutions. After connecting the pipes and the control panel with the unit it is ready for operation.

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Download Brochure